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What They Say Can MAKE or BREAK Your Practice
That’s Why You Need Online Reputation Management Immediately

Features & Benefits


Almost 90% of Americans check online before making a purchasing or hiring decision. You must have a good online reputation to increase your customer base.


85% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Positive online reviews are one of the biggest single tools to bring in new customers.


Set up with email and text campaigns in minutes. Soliciting by text is the killer app, as far more prospects open text than email. Find out ahead of time if a client is likely to give you a negative review, and if so, funnel them to give private feedback instead of a public review.


Our easy to use portal lets you manage all of your online review accounts in a single location from one portal. With access to more review sites than the competitors (600+ vs. less than 250) you reduce the risk of missing out on review opportunities while handpicking the sites that matter to you.


Within your user portal, you’ll have access to all that is necessary to track the status of your online reputation including rankings, listings, ratings, and reviews. Use the reports, graphs, and customizable filters to easily analyze various areas of your online reputation.


Each member of your team can customize their dashboard widgets to quickly access the information that is most important to them. In addition, you can add your colors and logos into the dashboard and reports to represent your brand.


The software’s SEO Impact Analysis measures specific data points that can show you how to increase your SEO ranking. Plus, you can post reviews to your social media pages and website directly from the portal with the click of a button.

“This software has been a game changer for us. In the past we have explored various review software options without seeing results. Within the first three months of using this software we received more client reviews than we did in the entire previous year.

Danielle Mackey, Marketing Director, Jacoby & Meyers, LLP

How It Works

Step I

Identify Where Your Business's Online Reputation Currently Stands

With a subscription to, our industry leading online reputation management software quickly scans through various review sites simultaneously to give you a snap-shot of your online reputation, all in one place.

Step II

Generate Reviews and Customer Feedback

After identifying where you stand, now is the time to use that software technology to capture more about what your customers think of your service on the core review sites that mean the most to your business’ reputation.

Step III

Increase Your Online Presence and Reputation

Finally, now that you have gained additional customer feedback, easily post positive customer reviews to your social media accounts or link them directly to your website as testimonials directly from your user dashboard. It’s that simple!

Did you know that a few bad reviews could RUIN your SEO and Pay-per-Click?

If you’re like most personal injury lawyers, you may be spending thousands of dollars to acquire high-value cases.

And then…

That one client with a chip on his shoulder goes and ruins your hard-won marketing investments, when he decides to word-vomit on your online reputation on a review site.

Google pays attention to sentiment analysis when deciding what pages to rank… and that unfortunate angry word-vomit will then make Google rank you lower.

Once it’s there, it’s hard to wipe clean.

Even worse, after you’ve paid hundreds of dollars in PPC for a click, your next hot prospect becomes cold all of the sudden after seeing the stains on your otherwise-stellar reputation.

What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You...

Most personal injury law firms have no idea the negative garbage written about them and harming their SEO and PPC investments–because it’s scattered all over the web.

Are you going to be the next victim… completely in the dark about this reputation-destroying content about you on the Internet?

Now There’s a Solution -- And It’s Fast, Easy and Cheap

“We love this software. We got five reviews the first day and haven’t looked back ever since. It’s easy to use and our clients respond quickly to the text feature.”

Julie Ericson, Marketing Director, Diller Law, PC

instant access to an
easy-to-use dashboard is the only online reputation management service focusing solely on the personal injury legal profession. For a reasonable monthly price, you get instant access to an easy-to-use dashboard that will help you in three huge money-saving, revenue-boosting ways:

Don’t be fooled by other
reputation management tools….

First, most other services don’t understand the unique ins-and-outs of the personal injury law field. We understand this field inside out.

Do you really want to be trusting your online reputation, and the success of your marketing budget, to a tool designed to deal with negative reviews about hamburgers and haircuts?

Go with the specialists. By personal injury lawyers. For personal injury lawyers. We know your industry like no one else does, and we’re here to help.

Second, most other services just tell what the problem is.
They don’t tell you how to fix it. And they don’t do it for you.

That’s where the real power of kicks in:

Solicit positive reviews from
Only your clients who love you!

You found a bad review out there, and you want to flood it out with positive reviews. But how do you know who’s going to leave you a positive review?

Hopefully, most of your clients love you… but do you really know for sure?

With, you can create an automated text and email campaign within minutes that segregates your clients based on what type of review they’ll leave.

If it turns out they’re not happy, they’ll be prompted to leave you private feedback (instead of spewing it all over the Internet).

And if they are happy–as most of your clients probably are–they’ll be prompted to leave you a glowing review.

It’s that easy.

Ready to get started?

Our Clients' Results Speak For Themselves

“We have always prioritized collecting reviews from our clients but have found that most approaches just aren’t effective. This software is unlike any other method we’ve used and it is always great to see the instant results. It takes seconds to send out a request and we are seeing that clients are significantly more receptive to this method. Our team is saving time using this software and we are finally achieving our goal of increasing positive reviews on all major review sites.”

Catherine Kraus, Marketing Specialist, Fine, Olin & Anderman, LLP

“Our firm saw an immediate increase in reviews posted once we began using this software. Not only is it quick and easy for us to send out review requests, but our clients are able to easily post without hassle. Our Google My Business listings have never looked better as we finally have acquired a number of great reviews. I would highly recommend this software to anyone looking to improve their SEO or online reputation. “

Brittney Goldstein, Marketing Strategist, Finkelstein & Partners, LLP