Increase Your Reviews, Ratings, Rankings & Revenue Using the Only Review Platform Designed for Lawyers

Increase Your Reviews, Ratings, Rankings & Revenue Using the Only Review Platform Designed for Lawyers

Injury Law Reviews provides the best reputation management software for law firms. Law Reviews provides alerts, full review campaigns, trends, and valuable review data law firms can use to monitor and improve their online reputation, as well as tools for clients to provide private feedback. The software covers 600+ review sites and businesses can respond to Google and Facebook reviews from within the Injury Law Reviews platform.

Injury Law Reviews has reports and data that help improve not only business reputation but also search engine optimization. It is the most versatile and affordable tool of its type available to Attorneys.

$199.00 / month with a 14-day free trial



  1. Best Review Generation Software

    • Review Marketing

      Customer-driven marketing with drip, review, and automated campaigns that are fully customizable and timed perfectly. Injury Law Reviews Patent Pending Automatic Email Domain Correction ensures that you are reaching your customers without error.

    • Visual Preview of your Review Generation

      A panoramic view of your entire online review flow is available on one interactive screen, including customized email and SMS campaigns, private customer feedback options, thank you notes, and follow-up messages.

    • Global Access to Online Reviews

      Injury Law Reviews is the ONLY Online Review Management company that offers 26 different languages, providing you unlimited global access for local and international business reputation management.

    • Customer Market Research Surveys

      Fully customizable market research surveys raise instant awareness about your product or service, and when necessary, creates the opportunity to improve the overall customer experience.

    • BEST ROI Conversion Reports

      To see the ROI for your efforts, look no further than our matching system. Injury Law Reviews is the only online reputation management review software that matches customer reviews and reports private customer feedback requests to public reviews.

    • Best Review Software Available

      Injury Law Reviews provides online reputation management software with marketing campaigns and market research surveys designed around your business to get more customer feedback which converts into public reviews online.

  1. Most Customization Available

    • Injury Law Reviews is the most customizable reputation management software in the industry. The software is updated frequently from the feedback received from our clients.
  1. Partnership with Facebook and Google

    • Injury Law Reviews has API partnerships with Facebook and Google, so you can reply to reviews from within the software, making it easy to thank reviewers or provide further insight.
  1. Affordable Pricing

    • Compared to competitors, Injury Law Reviews is between 1/2 and 1/3 the price of our competition – with a better product.
  1. Helpful Support

    • FREE Support – No cost for support installs or updates.

    • Extended Voice & Email Support – 10 hours weekdays, 8 am to 6 pm PT.